A hi-tech craft

Performed using state-of-the-art machinery


Despite the fact that we use the most modern equipment, the repair of spectacles remains a craft.
Our laser welding machine is used to repair frames made from various materials, such as titanium, gold, steel and titanflex. The very fine laser beam (0.05 mm) is so precise that repairs are virtually invisible, especially after the frame has been finished with one of our revolutionary coating techniques.

Eye To Eye is a co-developer of this laser welding technique and we are currently working on the
future of this type of machine. The latest developments in this area are therefore to be found in our very own workshop. For example, we now use a bundle binder, a system that allows us to refine the weld even further.

We can also repair or adjust wooden or plastic frames, heat-insert new hinges, mount nose pads, and remove broken screws. And we can personalise your glasses or hearing aid with an engraving! Interested? Feel free to contact us now!

Almost any damage to spectacles can be repaired - (almost) invisibly

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